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About the Podcast

In 2017, my dear friend Jon and I agreed to become “accountability partners” to one another. We scheduled a weekly phone call where we shared our short-term and long-term goals. The hope was that by having someone to hold us accountable, we’d be more likely to follow through on things and get more done. It’s working!

Somewhere along the way, we decided to turn this weekly call into a podcast, so we can have you hold us accountable as well. Talk about pressure!

In each podcast episode we try to share a goal with each other, follow-up on the status of previous goals, and share something that has added value to our lives recently. Along the way, we sing a lot, and we give each other a hard time about everything; because, after all, that’s what friends are for! We hope you enjoy.

Listen/Download and Show Notes

Episode #17 on 10/6/17

Episode #16 on 9/29/17

Episode #15 on 9/22/17

Episode #14 on 9/12/17

Episode #13 on 9/8/17

Episode #12 on 8/31/17

Episode #11 on 8/22/17

Episode #10 on 6/27/17

Friday Frolic on 6/23/17

Episode #9 on 6/21/17

Episode #8 on 6/6/17

Sunday Fun Day on 6/4/17

Episode #6 on 5/23/17

Friday Frolic on 5/19/17

Episode #5 on 5/16/17

Saturday Saunter on 5/13/17

Episode #4 on 5/8/17

Friday Frolic on 5/5/17

Episode #3 on 5/4/17

Episode #2 on 4/25/17

Episode #1 on 4/23/17

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