The Accountability Call Podcast #31


Once again, Jon and I start things off with some Journey. What is our infatuation with Journey?! Furthermore, why in the heck do we know so much about music and sports? Can you imagine how much better off we would be if we devoted that brain energy to more important endeavors?!

Looking for a pick-me-up? Journey’s Greatest Hits will do the trick!

Jon shares whether or not he passed his yoga sculpt instructor test! Let’s just say, if you’re in the San Diego area, and you’re looking to get some exercise…

I talk a little about finishing up my coaching training ahead of my certification test this weekend. We’re both nervous and excited about doing new things and trying to move forward. As my friend, Shaun T likes to say, “Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone, so get uncomfortable every day.”

As always, we hope you enjoy!