The Accountability Call Podcast #30


Jon and I start things off with a little Asia! Remember how they rocked this scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin?

Jon is in the home stretch of preparing for his yoga instructor test. He may end up creating an all 80s music yoga class when it’s all said and done! I’m at the end of my rough draft for my book, and we’re both feeling good about making consistent progress every day.

We talk about the mindsets of making sure we do something that leads to achieving our personal goals every day. If we can focus on progress instead of results, we’re setting ourselves up for success. However, if something is really important to us, then we should be able get it done. If we don’t get it done, then we’re saying it’s not that important to us. This sounds harsh, but it really is true if we break it down.

We lose our way when we lose our why. We talk about focusing on the reasons why we are trying to implement specific habits into our lives. If we can visualize the ideal future and feel the emotions associated with that future, we create a sort of magnet that pulls us toward that ideal future.

We talk a little about summer travel options and the benefits of putting ourselves out there on sites like Home Exchange or Air B&B. We have both met some absolutely amazing people by traveling and hosting through these sites. We encourage everyone to give them a try!

Jon finishes things off with a great quote that says, “Speak in such a way that other people listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

As always, we hope you enjoy!