The Accountability Call Podcast #29


After some Peter Gabriel, Jon shares with us a gem: If you practice something, you actually get better at it! All kidding aside, Jon shares his preparation strategies for his yoga-instructor test on the 24th. It’s been quite a challenge, but we grow through challenges, and Jon is definitely growing by stepping outside of his comfort zone. If you’re curious about what a yoga sculpt class entails, here’s a demo.

I share my own deadlines for writing my book and for the certification test for my coaching class. The most important part of achieving any goal is to make sure that we take one step forward every day. If we don’t take a step forward, it’s like we’re actually taking a step backward, because we lost out on that time! Jon and I share some thoughts on creating new habits, and the importance of being specific about when and where we’re going to do our new activity. For instance, if you’re planning to work out tomorrow, you should know all of the details before going to bed instead of simply saying that you’re going to work out tomorrow.

Jon mentions a quote, “Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.” We talk about the need to take action instead of waiting until the timing is “perfect.” Mel Robbins has a great book called¬†The 5 Second Rule,¬†and she’s given a lot of great talks about the power of beating our brains to the punch by doing instead of thinking.

As always, we hope you enjoy!