The Accountability Call Podcast #28


Jon and I ring in the new year with some knowledge about Sting and The Police. Jon raves about his autobiography, and we decide on the spot to start a book club!

Jon has a resolution for 2018 to read at least five pages of a book every day. He’s reading The Power of Habit right now, and it’s amazing how even reading five pages per day can lead to a great sense of accomplishment. I mean, think about it, if we read five pages every day, that’s 1825 pages over the course of a year. Only positive results can come from that investment!

I’ve had a morning routine for the last two years that have started my days off on the right foot. There is some psychology that suggests starting the day with some sort of accomplishment, even something as simple as making the bed, can have positive benefits throughout the day.

I have decided that 2018 is going to be alcohol-free for me. There are a lot of reasons that I want to do this, but primarily, I’m doing it because I’m curious. I guess you could say I’m reevaluating my relationship with alcohol in 2018 by taking a break. As Jon astutely points out, “The people who respect my choice are my friends, and the people who don’t are not my friends.” How much social pressure will I face throughout the year? I’m very curious to find out.

Big life changes can be intimidating, and it’s beneficial to have someone to bounce ideas off, and it’s beneficial to break things down into smaller, daily chunks. Jon came across an idea from Michael Hyatt that encourages us to treat every day like a chapter in a year-long book. Today is the fifth of January, so what is chapter 5 of this 365 chapter book going to look like? If you don’t like one chapter, then that can be motivating to make the next chapter more interesting. 

I came across the quote, “We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are,” by Anais Nin. So, if someone is going to give me crap about turning down a drink, that’s not my deal; that’s their deal.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and as always, we hope you enjoy!