The Premier Episode of “Checking In” with Melissa and Chris


During the long, desolate drive on I-5 between Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, Melissa and I decided to create a podcast together. Because, well because…why not? Isn’t that what couples do together these days?

August 1st, 2009. Or, as we like to call it: B.C. = Before Children

Our first episode was recorded at 5:40 am in our living room as our kids slept in their room. This was a legitimate opportunity for us to “check in” with each other, and by creating this podcast, if nothing else it forces us to have an uninterrupted conversation every week! More than that though, this is something that we can do together. Sure, we could have signed up for a class, or volunteered together somewhere, but why not¬†create¬†something together?! So here we are.

We will talk about the challenges and joys of being parents, spouses, and professionals. Our hope is that many of you can relate to exactly what we are thinking about in our lives. How do we raise two healthy, confident, intelligent children? How do we make time for each other as a couple? How do we find balance that allows us to move forward in every area of our lives? Oh, and who is on dinner-duty tonight?

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Melissa and Chris