The Accountability Call Podcast #17


Jon and I start things off by paying homage to Mr. Tom Petty and his amazing career.


We talk for a moment about how we can find the balance between being aware of the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas, and not letting it make us distrustful of people and afraid to live life. It comes down to figuring out how to stay in the moment, and Jon and I both work toward and struggle with making that happen consistently.

We relay some stories about trying to diffuse stressful situations. Despite knowing that our reactions add fuel to fires, we can’t help ourselves sometimes, even when we’re aware of what we’re doing in the moment! When will we learn!

We talk briefly about the passing of Hugh Hefner, and whether he should be admired or admonished. Then we chat about the hot water that Cam Newton got himself into with the way he answered a female reporter’s question.

We finish off by stating our shared goal of being present over the weekend with our families. Part of being present includes blocking out a little bit of time to get work done outside of that family time. If we don’t work when it’s time to work, then we disrespect ourselves and we disrespect our families by not being able to be present when it should be time to spend time with the family.

Oh, and we also mentioned this classic SNL skit from the late, great Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze. 

As always, we hope you enjoy!