The Accountability Call Podcast #15


Jon starts things off with a harrowing story of having to change a tire after his son got into a bit of an accident while practicing his driving skills. We talk about how challenging it can be as parents to remain patient in trying moments, and how our kids pick up on verbal and non-verbal communication.

I came across the idea of a virtual assistant in reading Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Workweek. I’ll be doing some research into what programs are out there, including YMII, which is mentioned in the book. If you have any ideas or any reviews, please send them my way at Thanks!

Jon and I catch-up on last week’s accountability goals: limiting Red Bull and alcohol, respectively. And we both agreed to complete 100 push-ups each day in the coming week.

We finish things off by talking about how we can make others’ lives amazing, and how you can have joy without a “perfect” life (whatever that even means).

As always, we hope you enjoy!

The Accountability Call Podcasts hosts after a recent Spartan Super Race in Monterey, CA.