6 Movies That Make Me Cry Now Thanks to My Stupid Kids

Becoming a dad is probably the closest most men will come to experiencing the hormonal effects of menopause. You see, I’ve always thought of myself as a caring, considerate, loving person unafraid to show his emotions. However, having kids made me realize that there was an invisible ceiling or governor on my emotions. When my son was born, that ceiling exploded into a thousand pieces.

I came across a great article today over at Fatherly.com titled “6 Movies That Make Me Cry Now Thanks to My Stupid Kids,” by Geoffrey Redick. He inspired me to come up with my own list, which seems to get bigger and bigger each week.


6 Movies That Make Me Cry Now Thanks to My Stupid Kids


For some stupid reason, I get emotional when watching the part of the Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” video where all the “regular” people are dancing at the end. So this song itself puts my emotions on high alert. I have to fight back the tears when the piglets rush the stage and tackle their rock star mom. It’s such a happy moment! That’s the thing about my emotions, they kick into gear during happy moments instead of sad moments. All of the final performances in this movie are great in their own way. And when Buster Moon says that he wishes his dad was here to see all of it…damn you, Sing!

Finding Nemo

I’m not embarrassed at all about this one. In fact, if you don’t get a tad choked up when Nemo says, “Love ya, dad,” then it’s possible you don’t have a soul. And let’s be honest, Nemo had better love his dad because Marlon swam across an entire damn ocean to save him!


You would get emotional too if you saw my daughter stomp her foot enthusiastically when Elsa sings, “Here I stand!” I have literally heard this song 1,387,429 times and I’m still not completely tired of it because it makes my daughter so happy to sing along with it. Frozen 2 has a lot of expectations in which to live up.

Toy Story 3

This scene is absolute movie magic! The friends accept their fate and find comfort in meeting that terrible fate together. And just when all hope seems lost, BAM! The claw saves the day! Talk about a turn of events! This is actually one of my favorite movies of all time, primarily because of this scene. Like many, I was a bit disappointed to hear that Disney was going to make a Toy Story 4, just because I cannot imagine improving on what seemed like a perfect final installment of a great trilogy. I hope I’m wrong.

Field of Dreams

The combination of being a dad and losing my dad make this final scene from Field of Dreams an absolute emotional roller coaster. “Wanna have a catch,” always pops into my head when I’m playing catch with my son. I love watching this movie right before baseball season starts. James Earl Jones’ speech about baseball rolling along like a steam engine always gets me hyped.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Full disclosure, I’ve cried while watching this movie since it came out when I was six years old. I still remember laughing hysterically in the movie theater when Elliot calls his brother “penis breath”. And I still remember the tears streaming down my face when E.T. flew away. But the part that always gets my emotions cranked to full throttle is the bike chase scene. Specifically, when the agents realize the van is empty, and Dee Wallace trots toward the camera, the Boston Pops take over with a hair-raising symphony that perfectly captures the excitement of the kids riding their asses off to get E.T. home!

We watched E.T. with the kids about a year ago. My son cried a lot during the movie. He actually said after the movie, “I don’t ever want to watch that movie again. It was too sad!” Talk about driving a stake through his dad’s heart! I always had visions of watching E.T. with my family on Father’s Day every year because it’s probably my all-time favorite movie. Now it looks like I might have to wait until the kids move out of the house for that to become reality.

So there you have it. Six movies that put me through the emotional ringer now that I have kids. There are a bunch of songs that bring about the same reactions these days, like “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters. But I’ll save that list for a different post. What movies make you cry now because of your stupid kids?