The Accountability Call Podcast #7


Episode number seven of The Accountability Call Podcast starts with a reminder of the greatness of Northern California’s own, Chris Isaak. This was the video that put the Stockton-native on to the map:

Although, for my money, in a career filled with great songs, this one takes the cake (is that Robin Yount on keyboards?!):

Jon’s amazing wife, Nicole graduated from Harvard over the weekend. The whole family participated in the festivities. The three-year program required support from the whole family, so it was only fitting that they all celebrated the accomplishment together.

We talked about the trouble we get ourselves into when we “keep score” in our relationships. There’s a better, healthier choice that benefits everyone.

We break down Will Ferrell’s poignant commencement speech from USC. It’s filled with so many great nuggets, like throwing as many darts at the dartboard as possible, being grateful for all the help we receive during our journeys, and defining success as having a healthy, happy family.¬†You can find it here.

My wife and I enjoying our post-race beer after the Rugged Maniac event.

Jon and I then jump into our goals from last week. We’ve got our Spartan Super race coming up on Saturday, and we’re both getting antsy! My wife and I completed a Rugged Maniac last weekend as a bit of a tune-up. But as I was told, the Rugged Maniac is like a Costco sampler size compared to Spartan. So I’m thinking of the Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or cannot, you are correct.” I am choosing to think I can.

Jon mentioned the great quote, “Life is short. Spend it with people who make you laugh and feel loved.” Not only is this important, but cutting out people who drain us with negative energy might even be more important.

As always, we hope you enjoy!