The Accountability Call Podcast #6


Jon and I are back for the sixth week of publicly holding each other accountable. The pressure is mounting! Thankfully, we have each other, and more importantly, we have each others’ smooth voices singing:

And this CLASSIC from Five Man Electrical Band:

As I told Jon, I’ve always had this dream/fantasy of bringing a sign to a sporting event that simply had some of the lyrics to this song. I would hold up my sign reading, “You’ve got to have a membership card to get inside. Hoo!” Then I’d hold up another one that read, “Long haired freaky people need not apply.” I think maybe five people in the whole stadium would get the “joke”, but I would instantly become best friends with those five people!

Jon is in the Boston area preparing to celebrate his wife getting her doctorate from Harvard, aka the Arizona State University of the East! In fact, Jon’s goal for this week is to shoulder the load of organizing the pre and post graduation festivities so his amazing wife can focus on enjoying the experience.

Jon laments the passing of Roger Moore, the former James Bond who nailed the role in “Octopussy”, which Jon saw when he was 14 years old. Now Jon’s youngest son is about to turn 14. Cue the Harry Chapin!!!

Jon was actually on the road as we recorded the podcast, so I encouraged him to play a license plate game that my wife and I like to play on road trips. In California, all cars have three letters on the plates. We try to make a word that uses those three letters in the order in which they appear on the plate. For instance, if the license plate number is 5CPY429, I would hit the jackpot because I could spell Octopussy (or occupy, copy…you get the point)!

After discovering that Richard Simmons is still alive (thank goodness!), Jon described his moderate contentment with his preparation goal for our Spartan race on June 3rd. Wait a second..June 3rd is in less than two weeks! This could be interesting.

I succeeded in my goal of dedicating five hours toward writing my book. Achieving the goal was nice, but the discovery I made along the way was even nicer. I have talked about priorities vs. responsibilities before, but I finally wrote my priorities into my calendar this week before I filled in my responsibilities. I used the analogy of having to fill up a jar with some stones, pebbles and sand. If you try to fill up the jar by first putting in the pebbles and sand, there won’t be any room for the stones. But if you put the stones in first, the pebbles and sand will fill in around the stones. In other words, the stones are my priorities while the pebbles and sand are my responsibilities. I felt some serious peace at the end of the first day having attending to each of my priorities. My goal for the upcoming week is to attend to the priorities I wrote into my calendar each day: write for an hour, meditate, and play a game with the kids as soon as we get home.

Jon’s ONE thing for the week is the following quote: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” This applies to our diets, workouts, relationships, and pretty much every aspect of our lives.

I’ve been inspired lately by Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If I focus on controlling what I can control every day, which is taking one step forward in my self-actualization, spending time with my wife and kids, and treating others how I would want to be treated, then positive changes will continue to happen for me and for everyone in my life.

We hope you enjoy!