The Accountability Call Podcast #5


Episode 5 of the Accountability Call is in the books. We even created an open for the show! Jon and I are thankful for all the comments and feedback we’ve received so far! Please keep it comin’!

Per usual, our episode starts with some music:

As Jon points out, Night Ranger may be a little bit underrated!

For those of you who may have been wondering, we do know some songs outside of the 1980s:

And now our kids do as well!

But we always seem to come back to those 80’s hits:

Because when it comes to the 1980’s, the heat is always on!

After singing our hearts out, Jon and I talk about whether we should “let” our kids win when we play games together. There are valuable lessons to be learned through losing. And let’s face it, our kids are going to eventually beat us at every game, so let’s hold on to this ability to win for as long as possible!

Jon informs us that he achieved his goal of completing at least 30 burpees per day last week. Not only that, but the dude added jumps to each burpee! He’s not a man, he’s a machine!

I achieved my goal well. I tracked everything I did throughout the week. This was such a valuable exercise for me that I’m going to keep doing it for a while. By logging what I do throughout the day, I am able to take stock in my productivity before I go to bed. More importantly though, I’m able to think back on all of the fun things I did throughout the day, which sometimes get forgotten in the chaos of bedtime routines.

Jon talks about how his family has a “Positivity Jar”. They write down fun, positive experiences on a piece of paper and slip the paper into the jar. At the end of the year, they’ll read through all of the memories and laugh about them with each other!

What we’ve both found through these practices is that we’re on the lookout for positive things more than we were before. By seeking out the positives, we’re less likely to get dragged down by any negatives that come our way.

My goal for the upcoming week is to dedicate five hours to writing my book. I came to the realization that I was mapping out my day and week with responsibilities instead of priorities, and I’m working to change that.

Jon is looking to ramp up his running activity in preparation for our 8-10 mile Spartan race on June 3rd! If he kicks butt with his running this week like he did with his burpees, he might just win the whole damned race!

We finish the podcast by sharing a few things that added value to our lives recently. Jon talks about his appreciation for his yoga instructors always telling a story about how they handled a challenging situation. It’s great to see the human being and the authenticity of any one, but especially those that help and teach us.

I mention a blurb from James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself in which he relays how Woody Allen used to only work 3-5 hours each day, and yet he was able to crank out movie after movie for many years. The trick isn’t how much work we do, but how consistently we do the work. If we show up EVERY day, great things can happen!

Thank YOU for showing up, and we hope you enjoy the podcast!